After sport

Restore elasticity and suppleness of the muscles after physical activity is essential to prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, and avoid muscle soreness. In the long term, neglecting the practice of gentle movements and stretching leads to larger degradation of joints and muscles. Many athletes having past their forties complain of back pain, joint and muscle pain etc. due to repeated lack of limbering practice.

The program Asia Vital proposed here is composed of self-massage of anatomical areas and acupuncture points   (Do In), simple stretching exercises, and Chinese medical gymnastics (Qi Gong), accessible to everyone. It prevents cramps and pains, and avoids back pain and joint disorders. More importantly, it enhances the benefits of your sport session or your walk. Indeed, besides its obvious preventive effect, our self care method goes further than a simple stretching session. After a sport session, your energy is hot and mobile. Your body produces abundant energy.

The specific self-massage and exercises practiced at that time, "open" the channels of energy flow, promoting circulation in the deeper layers, regenerating deep tissues and organs.

Settle in a quiet place, at your place of sports in the great outdoors, or at home. Follow the method step by step, live on your screen. You can also make this moment a moment of sharing, by inviting your sport partners for this self care session. Enjoy this special time to give more health to your body and bring more peace in your mind!

  • Positions: standing, sitting, lying
  • Practice time: 25 minutes
  • Composition: self massages of points, self massages of anatomical areas, stretching, Qi Gong.
  • Unlimitted subscription 1 month : 19,90 €/month  (Non EU, convert:
  • 1 month of practice is in principle more than enough to know your program "by heart."


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