Sciatica is often very disabling. It manifests itself by chronic pain in the loins, buttocks and thighs that can go down to the toes. The pain is usually unilateral, except in the elderly, in whom it can be bilateral. The attack of sciatica often starts with common spinal back pain for several days and is characterized by sharp pain that goes down to the buttocks and lower limbs, increased by exertion, sneezing, and defecating. Exposure to cold and dampness can increase the inflammation.

The method proposed by Asia Vital aims to relax muscles spasms in the lumbar region and buttocks, widen the intervertebral spaces, release the compression of spinal nerves causing sciatica, and strengthen the lumbar region. It consists of gentle self-massages of acupuncture points and muscles (Do In), simple stretching and Chinese preventive exercises (Qi Gong) accessible to all. 


This sequence is designed,  as a complement to your treatments, to prevent chronic sciatica. The exercises do not have contraindications, but must be practiced in peace and the attention to oneself, without haste or exaggerated movements.

  • Positions: sitting, lying
  • Practice time: 20-25 minutes
  • Composition: self massages of points, self massages of anatomical areas, stretching, Qi Gong
  • Unlimitted subscription 1 month : 19,90 €/month  (Non EU, convert:
  • 1 month of practice is in principle more than enough to know your program "by heart."



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