Anxiety and depression

Mood swings, fatigue, sensitivity, anxiety and sadness characterize psychological disorders related to depression and nervous tension. Anxiety and depression can affect people of all ages, all backgrounds and all ways of life. They show an imbalance of the nervous system. The modern approach consists in treating depression with antidepressants.

Chinese medicine considers that emotions and mind activities are rooted in the body. Therefore, the practice of self massages and exercises proposed here can effectively help relieve stress, find a clearer mind and better ability to respond to events of your daily life.

The origins of emotional disorders are numerous. Chinese medicine considers that feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction are the root. But an important physical fatigue, and modern overstrain often play a significant rule. In women, the onset of the menstrual cycle or menopause is often involved. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the human being as a whole. That's why it says that your mental state can be made vulnerable by both physical and mental fatigue. At one moment in your life, your body-mind is no longer able to "digest" the experience. Some situations related to feelings of contrariety are particularly "indigestible." The obsessive thoughts related to bereavement or separation, the mental conflicts associated with communication difficulties in the family, couple, or social life, the worries about material conditions drain your energy and make you more vulnerable and susceptible.

The Asia Vital program proposed here, composed of automassages of anatomical areas and acupuncture points (Do In), Stretching, and relaxation exercises helps your body and mind to find more ease and well-being. It helps you efficiently to find the energy you lack, feel the weight of life decrease, and  consider your life more positively.

In case of chronic depression, psychotherapy may be necessary to unravel the traumatic mental past conflicts. But again, working directly on the energy is complementary. And you'll often be surprised to see how the practice of the method proposed here potentiates your introspection work.

  • Positions: sitting
  • Practice time: 20 minutes
  • Composition: self massages of points, self massages of areas, stretching, Qi Gong
  • Unlimitted subscription 1 month : 19,90 €/month  (Non EU, convert:
  • 1 month of practice is in principle more than enough to know your program "by heart."


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