Cardiac disorders

Cardiovascular diseases are widespread in modern societies. Oppression of the chest, pain in the area of the heart, palpitations, arrhythmia and breathing difficulties are the main symptoms associated with angina pectoris, heart rhythm disorders, arteriosclerosis, cardiac insufficiency, which may lead to the onset of infarct. In Chinese medicine, these pathologies always reflect a disturbance in the flow of energy and blood in the heart region. The main risk factors for heart disease are unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Many scientific studies confirm that Chinese medicine and Chinese medical gymnastic exercises (Qi Gong) improve the quality of life of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and many Federations of Cardiology all over the world promote and advise their practice.

The program proposed by Asia Vital aims to strengthen and balance your heart functions. Composed of soft muscles and acupoint self massages (Do In), simple stretching and Chinese health gymnastic (Qi Gong) exercises, accessible to everyone, without age limit, release and stimulate the flow responsible for the blood circulation in the area of your heart. The protocol aims, as a complement to your treatments, to regulate your heart functions as a whole, in order to free your breathing, clear chest tightness, and improve your heart rate.


Practice gently, but be sure to apply enough pressure when you massage your acupuncture points, and stay totally focused on your practice, in order to properly stimulate their actions. The exercises do not have contraindications, but should be performed regularly in calm and the attention to oneself.


  • Positions: sitting, lying
  • Practice time: 20 minutes
  • Composition: self massages of points, self massages of anatomical areas, stretching, Qi Gong
  • Unlimitted subscription 1 month : 19,90 €/month  (Non EU, convert:
  • 1 month of practice is in principle more than enough to know your program "by heart."



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