Calm asthma attack

Asthma attack is an allergic reaction, well known in Western medicine as in Chinese medicine. The body reacts when exposed to pathogenic factors that disturb the normal functioning of the lungs. Tobacco smoke, cold, climate change, acaroids, but also emotional stress or physical exertion impede the flow of energy in the lungs. Chinese Medicine considers asthma attacks as acute phases during which the body fights against pathogens. Between attacks, the body is in a state of deficiency. The method Asia Vital proposed here stimulates your body's ability to remove pathogenic factors during the crisis, and restore the normal functioning of your lungs.

Composed of soft self massages of acupuncture points and anatomic areas (Do In), simple stretching exercises and Chinese medical gymnastics (Qi Gong) accessible to everyone, regardless of age, the method proposed here aims to efficiently reduce asthma attacks and regain a normal breathing amplitude. It helps you, in addition to your treatments, clear your lungs and improve your breath. The exercises do not have contraindications, but must be practiced in peace and the attention to oneself.


The method proposed here is complementary to the method of self-care "Immune defenses", designed to be performed between attacks, which aims to restore the resilience of your organism to agents triggering the crisis of asthma.

  • Positions: sitting
  • Practice time: approx 25 minutes
  • Composition: self massages of points, self massages of anatomical areas, stretching, Qi Gong
  • Unlimitted subscription 1 month 13,90 €/month  (Non EU, convert:
  • 1 month of practice is in principle more than enough to know your program "by heart."
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