Asia Vital

photo20While the WHO recommends to users of medicine to look into new ways, complementary to those offered by bio-chemical drugs, our website gives you the opportunity to experience natural resources accessible to everyone, to improve your vital balance and your well being.

We have created various routines composed of self-massage, stretching, relaxation, and Chinese health exercises (Qi Gong). They aim to regulate the movements of vital energy throughout the body. 

The Asia Vital programs are designed to encourage and help you to get more autonomous and responsible in the management of your vital balance.

Today, the efficiency of these techniques are well known. Numerous scientific studies confirm their actions*.

This site offers you the means to add new assets to preserve your balance. No external intervention. Just you, your hands, and your body.

The method Asia Vital does not replace any medical treatment, but aims to complement them.


Instead of staying just passive consumers, we propose you to become actors of your vital balance. "health can be learned!" could be our leitmotiv. Chinese tradition is entirely imbued with this philosophy of health preservation, through physical methods of self-care.

Asia Vital site policy

Rather than support this site by the introduction of banners and advertising clips, we deliberately chose to purpose subscrptions to our programs for self-care.  We want to make this site a place of serene practice, hermetic to all kinds of commercial solicitations of which our modern minds are sufficiently fed. Programs are not expensive and they are effective. Our greatest joy is to know that our programs are helpful to you. Christophe Labigne gives you real ways to do you good to one condition ... practice it. However, we understand that finding 15 to 30 minutes in a day for yourself is not always easy: you have to change your habits! But your health and well-being don't they deserve you grant them a small place? 

One to two months are generally more than enough to know "by heart" the program you have subscribed. Practice alone, at your own pace, or invite your friends to practice with you if you choose a subscription to a wellness program. Then share these moments in a relaxed, calm and focused atmosphere, in all simplicity! 


Scientific references

What are the scientific basis for the effectiveness of acupuncture points automassages or Chinese health exercises? Should you "believe" that it works? On many pages we have included links to scientific studies and articles issued from reference sites, which demonstrates the reliability of the ways we put at your disposal. The effectiveness of the proposed practices are not based on self persuasion. They do not call for more or less placebo effect than any other method of care. Our self-care programs are distinguished by the implementation of natural resources, respecting the physical and mental integrity of the practitioner.


Asia Vital subscriptions

To subscribe:

To subscribe to any of the AsiaVital programs, click "subscribe" at the bottom of each page of protocol presentation  (tab "Programs").

A secure payment page opens. Then you subscribe via your Paypal account if you have one, or you create one: Paypal is a safe and reliable internationally known company. Opening a Paypal account is absolutely free and takes only one minute.

Then go to your program. You can therefore view it as many times as you want during your subscription period.

Install at your computer. Just let guide. Your wellness is just across a short trip with your sensations. You follow step by step a simple, easy to learn method. We provide you effective programs, complete and reliable, designed to improve your balance vital.


To unsubscribe:

You must connect to the Paypal account by clicking on a button "unsubscribe" on the site (tab "the programs". Then, in "My Account", click the "Preferences" tab. Go to "My Money '", click on "My preapproved payments" and select your AsiaVital program.

A new detail page appears, you must click on "Cancel" to stop the recurring payment.

A few minutes later, you receive a notification from Paypal as well which the recurring payment has been canceled.


We wish you a good practice!


•    *