The method

Clarity and interactivity


Each protocol is designed as a particular course of about 20 to 30 minutes. You practice at home in a quiet room, in a park, or in nature. You sit in front of your screen, and follow your self-care program on your computer or Ipad.

The media you are viewing is very clear and didactic. Your protocol is composed of exercises that you can follow at your own pace. For each of these exercises, a fade slide show accompanied by an explanatory text runs in a loop. These pictures summarize the highlights of the exercise. At any time you can bring up a film clip demonstrating in real time the current exercise by clicking on an icon in the corner of the image. You also have access to schemes for the location of acupuncture points  When you have integrated this first exercise, you click to view and practice the following exercise and so on for the entire protocol. You progress at your own pace.

None practice is complicated nor requests special skills. The method is safe and can be practiced by anyone and at any age. You practice the exercises at your own pace by viewing the movie as many times as you wish.

The advantage of this method of teaching compared to a simple video is that instead of "running" after a demonstration that scrolls on your screen, you read the highlights of each exercice by the slide and text. For more details, you can view the video. Thus, your practice is independent from the support and your concentration stays intact. You integrate the exercises at your own pace and move to the next when you think you have practiced enough the present exercice. In a second step, the simple recall bye viewieng the pictures of each exercise is sufficient to guide you through your workout. Soon, you will no longer need the support and become fully autonomous, as you will know by heart all of your concatenation.

Furthermore, slideshows and videos are all on the same model: teacher in white on black background, and clear text. Not "waffle" asking endless attention. Here, you are the master of your support, you use it as a handy and efficient tool . And that changes everything! A musical background accompanies your practice at your request.

Protocols are very studied. Techniques follow one another  in a specific order to lead to the desired effect, ie rebalance the region or organs. Here we are not on a "gadget" self-care but on complete and effective methods.


An holistic approach


According to Oriental medicine, each body region, each organ is crossed and fed by currents that circulate throughout the body and connect its various regions. Therefore it is possible through the practice of adapted physical and breathing exercises to thwart the imbalance process, to restore and maintain one’s own physical and mental well being.


You're the therapist

Your success depends mainly on the time and attention you grant yourself. Disengage 20 minutes three times per week is within everyone's reach, it is still necessary be sufficiently convinced and regular to give oneself this time and attention. The principle is simple: take an appointment with yourself, and follow it as if you had an appointment with a specialist for your health. Be careful. You then just have to sit in front of your computer at the scheduled time. Put the phone on hold, and let yourself be guided step by step.


Help Life

The Asia Vital 's approach  is not defined as a struggle against the disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a science of health before being a knowledge of the disease. Although it mentions accurate and structured knowledge of disease processes, it’s purpose is  to help vital balance, help life. The perspective is rather to go toward more life and balance than frontally oppose the disease. In addition, it is to this sense of well being, of unity, the feeling of being in peace with oneself and in harmony with one’s environment that Asia Vital invites you.

That is why our programs, although designated by names of symptoms (headache, constipation, heart ...) do not directly seek their eradication, which would amount to force nature to make it conform, in appearance, to  normality. Our programs are mainly geared toward the imbalances that symptôms show. Your success depends largely on your regular practice of a program composed of simple exercises, that are pleasant, and very clearly demonstrated.

The method

Synthesis of self massage, Chinese exercises, stretching, and relaxation, the Asia Vital programs of self-care are the result of multi-millennial traditions, and of 25 years of pedagogical experience. They aim to regulate the movements of vital energy throughout your body.

The self massage of the muscles and acupuncture points (Do In),simple stretching exercises and Chinese holistic gymnastics (Qi Gong) are linked in full protocols. Auto-massages of anatomical regions, acupuncture points, and organs  rebalance the physiological, physical and psychological functions. Yoga and stretching exercises  release obstructions embedded in the tissues and organs. The Qi Gong movements, fluid and spontaneous, stimulate the vital dynamism.

Asia Vital offers a way to take an active role in your health without having to leave home. Only your hands and your body are called upon to act positively on your well being. Asia Vital invites you to take an active part in the management of your vital capital by autonomizing and responsibilising you.


Asia Vital's five points 

  • Totally safe and natural  the Asia Vital method can be practiced by anyone and at any age. No side effects are anticipated. 

  • It does not involve any exterior product. Only your hands and your body are called upon to act positively on your health and act on the roots of imbalances.

  • No exercise is complicated. Each of them is clearly demonstrated by a combination of slideshow, text, and video. 20-30 exercises form a complete program.

  • Asia Vital gives you the opportunity to take an active role in your health without having to leave home. It gives you simple ways to answer the question: "what can I do to preserve my balance?".
  • You practice the exercises at your own pace, passing to the next exercise only when you have integrated the previous , by viewing your protocol as many times as you wish.

Take time to relax, and perform regular exercises. Massage the recommended points, practice stretching, self-massage and Chinese Qi Gong exercises without straining. The key to your well being is in your hands. 

Our goal is to help you improve your vital balance and your well being by putting in your hands simple and proven means.