Self-care practices

Each protocol consists of different complementary techniques that succeed each other. Specifically, these maneuvers include exercises of automassages, stretching, Qi Gong (Chinese gymnastics), and relaxation.



They include two categories: the massage of acupuncture points and the massage of muscles and anatomical regions. The auto-massage of acupuncture points is intended to make vital energy flow at specific points described by the Chinese tradition since 2500 years, and recognized as sites of least electrical resistance by contemporary science. These points regulate the vital currents flowing through acupuncture meridians, which "irrigates" the organs and tissues.

Auto-massages of the anatomical regions act locally on the region massaged, in order to regulate blood flow, release muscle and tendon adherences and regulate organs.




Derived from Hatha Yoga, stretching is attached to the Ayurvedic medicine of India. Its techniques consist in stretching a muscle or group of muscles through gentle and sustained movements of the members. The focus on breathing during the exercises plays an important role in muscle relaxation, and the release of energy accumulations. That is why the instructions on the placement of your breathing are given for each exercise performed.

Qi Gong

photo10"Qi Gong is not a matter of faith. It is part of another medicine that we must learn to understand". Prof J-R. Attali, endocrinologist and responsible for the University  Studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Paris XIII Hospital.
Coming from China where it is practiced daily, Qi Gong (Chi gong or chi kung) is composed of soft and supple movements, which are similar to dance gestures in slow motion. They regulate vital energy, a key concept of traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating its circulation in the acupuncture channels. Qi Gong provides the means of releasing deeply physical and psychological stress.
Each exercise of Qi Gong is a space of new sensations and of awarenesses of the internal circulation of energy. Energy is no longer a myth. It is there, alive in oneself, naturally, spontaneously ... The techniques practiced enable to direct and guide it to regenerate organs and tissues.


In addition to the relaxing effects of each of the techniques described above, Asia Vital incorporates specific techniques of relaxation in the protocols dedicated to mental calm (insomnia, depression ..). By using breathing and visualization, they establish appeasement in the body and mind and help letting go.